In my ceremonial work, healing, soul-journey/spiritual counselling, I hold you in the Light of Love...At the heart of what makes me "tick" is my Vow-
"I seek to serve the source of love, with light and joy"

For most of my life I always felt as though I had a calling...being able to just "know or sense" things around me.

Through life's journey and trials, my faith in that connection got so strong I knew I needed to ground it and serve. I opened a holistic shop and this gave me the gift of connection to my local community and beyond, I hope it facilitated many on their own journey.

However, I still felt I needed to go deeper which took me into my training with the Interfaith Seminary. Over a two year period of study and self- growth, I was Ordained in 2008.

In August 2012 Ordained as Liberal Catholic Priest and offerring services within this context.

So, whichever way you feel that I may serve you,honour your authentic self...I would be honoured .. Looking forward to hearing from you....May you be blessed always.

UK Interfaith Foundation
I am a registered member of the interfaith Foundation and adhere to it's code of ethics. The Interfaith Foundation trains people to be Interfaith Ministers and offers ceremonies, including wedding ceremonies and spiritual counselling to people of all faiths or none.